What are seizures

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A seizure is defined by the release of excessive and uncontrolled electrical activity in the brain. Seizures themselves are not a disease, they are an event. They are a symptom of epilepsy, but can also be caused by other conditions. Seizures can cause different symptoms and contrary to popular belief, not all seizures are characterised by the rhythmic jerking of the body. Also, not everyone loses consciousness when they have a seizure, although a seizure can cause changes in the person’s body movements, awareness, emotions and senses.

We mentioned previously that the brain controls the body, however different parts of the brain are responsible for different things, such as vision, speech, emotions and even taste and smell. Therefore, where the seizure originates from can affect how it presents. It is a good idea for people with epilepsy to carry some form of identification with them at all times, so if they have a seizure, passers-by can get the right help.