Storage and disposal

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•      In line with your local policy for safe storage of medicines

•      In a cool cupboard (room temperature), away from bright light/ direct sunlight and safely out of the reach of children (Do not store in a fridge)

•      Bottles of Midazolam should be stored upright.


•      ‘Out of date’ medication should not be used and must be returned to the pharmacy promptly (or returned to the parents)

•      Dispose of used items as set out in your local policy for waste management and disposal.

Duty of Care and Legal Responsibilities

•      Medication must be prescribed on a named only basis by a medical practitioner

•      The individuals should have their own ‘care plan’ for administration

•      The employer should ensure staff are willing to be trained and staff should have training in how to administer. (Often also in medication management)

•      Consent and approval for administration via parental or guardianship requirements