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Welcome to the Epilepsy and Buccal Midazolam Online Course

This course from ProTrainings is designed to provide you with a thorough understanding of epilepsy and the use of Buccal Midazolam to treat seizures. It is ideal for beginners and as a refresher course, but it does not certify you as competent unless you also complete a practical session and are signed off in the workplace by a competent person.

Course Structure

Throughout this course, you will watch a series of videos, answer knowledge review questions, and finally take a short completion test. You can start and stop the course as often as you wish and return to it exactly where you left off. You can also re-watch any of the videos at any time, both during and after the course.


The course can be viewed on any device, so you can start watching it on your computer and finish it on your smartphone or tablet. Each page includes text to support the video content, and additional help is available if you initially answer any questions incorrectly. The course includes subtitles, which you can enable by clicking the CC icon. You can adjust the size and colour of the subtitles from the bottom right of the player. An additional smaller video player option allows you to read the text and watch the video simultaneously.

Completion and Certification

Once you have passed the test, your completion certificate and other downloadable materials will be available for you to print off. There are many resources and links to support your training, accessible from the course homepage. We regularly update our courses, so check back frequently for new material. You will have access to the course for 8 months from the start date, even after you have passed the test.

Support and Company Solutions

We offer free company dashboards for those responsible for staff training in the workplace. If you would like more information on our company solutions, please contact us by email, phone, or through our online chat facility. While this is an online course, we provide complete support throughout your training.

Ongoing Updates

With all our online courses, you will receive an email every Monday morning to keep your skills fresh and inform you of any new videos added to the course. These emails also include news from our blog. You can choose to receive these emails or opt out at any time.

We hope you enjoy your course and thank you for choosing ProTrainings. Good luck!