Epilepsy Lived Experience - Emily

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Emily's Journey with Epilepsy

Discovering Epilepsy

Emily shares her experience of discovering she had epilepsy, including her struggles with recognising seizures and seeking diagnosis.

Recognising Symptoms

Emily: Initially, I couldn't pinpoint my first seizure as I went two years without realising they were unusual. Gradually, I noticed losing time and experiencing unconsciousness, leading me to seek answers.

Confusion with Auras

Emily: I often confuse the feeling of an aura with nerves, impacting my daily life, such as during exams, where I've mistaken nervousness for an impending seizure.

Challenging Stereotypes

Emily: Stereotypes about epilepsy, like seizures only occurring on the floor due to flashing lights, contribute to misconceptions. My seizures are different, requiring a different response.

Living with Epilepsy

Emily discusses her experiences with epilepsy, medication, and how it has affected her life and relationships.

Medication and Management

Emily: I'm on 600 milligrams of carbamazepine, which has significantly reduced my seizures. Managing medication and its side effects has been a journey, but I'm hopeful for the future.

Impact on Daily Life

Emily: Epilepsy has changed my life, influencing decisions like disclosing my condition early on in new situations and adapting to restrictions and stereotypes.

Aspirations and Future Goals

Emily shares her aspirations and goals for the future, focusing on normalcy, understanding, and acceptance.

Advocacy and Awareness

Emily: I aim to raise awareness about epilepsy and challenge misconceptions, advocating for understanding and support from others.

Striving for Normalcy

Emily: Despite the challenges, I'm nearly 15 months seizure-free and working towards a future where epilepsy doesn't define me, but rather empowers me to educate and inspire others.