Vagus Nerve Stimulation

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What are Vegus Nerves?

Pair of nerves that start at the brain and run through the body

They send and receive messages between the brain and body.

What is VNS therapy and how does it work?

VNS therapy is a type of treatment for epilepsy that involves a stimulator (or pulse generator) which is connected, inside the body, to the left Vagus nerve in the neck

The stimulator sends regular, mild electrical stimulations to this nerve

A magnet can also be waved over the neck to induce stimulations when person is having a seizure.

Issues to consider…

•      An unlicensed drug means that the manufacturer has a license for using it e.g. intravenously or intra muscularly but it is not licensed for adults to be inserted into the buccal cavity

•      It is safe to use because other medical practitioners use it for the purpose as it is known to work

•      An example of an unlicensed drug away from epilepsy is Dianette, the contraceptive pill. It is an unlicensed drug but has been prescribed for years as a contraceptive pill as it is known to work.