What are seizures

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Understanding Seizures

What are Seizures?

A seizure occurs when there is an excessive and uncontrolled release of electrical activity in the brain.

Seizures: Symptoms and Causes

Seizures are not a disease but rather an event, often symptomatic of epilepsy but can also be triggered by other conditions.

Varied Symptoms

Contrary to common belief, seizures can manifest in various ways, not always involving rhythmic body jerking. They may also occur without loss of consciousness, affecting body movements, awareness, emotions, and senses.

Brain Function and Seizure Presentation

The brain governs various bodily functions, with different areas responsible for vision, speech, emotions, taste, and smell. The origin of a seizure within the brain influences its presentation.

Carrying Identification

Individuals with epilepsy are advised to carry identification to aid bystanders in providing appropriate assistance during a seizure.