Epilepsy surgery

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Surgical Options for Epilepsy Treatment

Factors Influencing Surgical Consideration

  • Likelihood of Epilepsy: Assessing if seizures are epilepsy-related.
  • Positive Outcome Probability: Evaluating the potential success of surgery.
  • Seizure Type Identification: Ability to pinpoint the seizure type.
  • Exhaustion of Alternative Methods: Ensuring all other treatments have been attempted.

Surgical Procedures for Epilepsy

Surgical interventions depend on seizure type and origin within the brain.

Key Point: Options include tissue removal or interruption of nerve pathways.

Considerations and Risks

Some individuals may have surgery as a last resort due to contra-indications.

  • Stroke Risk: Approximately 1 in 100 individuals undergoing surgery suffer a stroke.
  • Memory Challenges: Around 5% may experience memory difficulties post-surgery.

Future Prospects

Advancements in surgical techniques offer hope for improved outcomes over time.

Key Point: Continued progress may expand surgical options for more individuals.