Online Epilepsy Awareness (VTQ) Training Videos

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Taught by Keith Sleightholm
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Epilepsy Awareness (VTQ) At a Glance

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Welcome to your Epilepsy Awareness course from ProTrainings. In this section, we introduce the course and some facts and figures about Epilepsy. During the course, you will watch videos, asked knowledge questions and then a final completion test. You can then instantly print your completion certificate, Certified CPD statement and Evidence-Based learning statement. To support your training all our courses have a student resources area where you can download documents and access relevant links. This may be an online course but you can still access support on your course.

In this section, we look at what Epilepsy is and what causes it and the triggers. Then we look at what causes Epilepsy and what the prognosis is once diagnosed. Then we look at how people of different ages are affected by Epilepsy.

There are many different types of seizures and in this section, we look at the different types. To find out more about seizures we first look at how Epilepsy is diagnosed, what are seizures and the classifications of seizures. We then look at the types of seizure and the different types. Finally, we look at seizures and how they relate to Epilepsy.

Treatment for Epilepsy is unique to the individual and in this section, we look at the treatment of Epilepsy. We look at the importance of treating Epilepsy and different medications. We then look at seizure treatments and surgery. The diet the person eats can help to control seizures in some cases we look at what Ketogenic diets are and how they help. Epilepsy can be fatal and in the final video we look at Sudden Unexpected Death in Epilepsy, or SUDEP for short.

An important way of understanding Epilepsy is to listen to the lived experience story of how people cope with Epilepsy on a day to day basis. In this section, we hear two stories of people with Epilepsy and how it affects them and how they manage it.

When someone has a seizure you must provide them with the correct first aid techniques. In this section, we look at what first aid is needed to help someone who is having a seizure. We also look at the use of Buccal Midazolam in treating severe seizures so you understand how Buccal Midazolam is used but this is for information only, it does not allow you to administer Buccal Midazolam. To do this you will need further training which we provide nationwide. Contact us for more information.

This final section looks at how you take your test and get you completion certificate, evidenced-based learning statement and Certified CPD statement. ProTrainings offer a full range of video online, blended, virtual and face to face courses nationwide at your workplace or at regional training centres by our approved and monitored instructors. If you have any questions or need more training contact us by phone, email or live chat.